Seeking Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy?

It doesn't take much for the average person to become overwhelmed by debt. Unexpected medical expenses, the loss of a job, a divorce or simply extending your credit purchases beyond your means can lead to a spiral that feels impossible to break out of. The good news is it may be possible to get debt relief by seeking bankruptcy protection.

At Neeley Law Group, PLC, our attorney has been serving the interests of people throughout Virginia since 1996. We can let you know what your bankruptcy options are and help you make the most informed decision for moving forward. To schedule a consultation, call our law office in Virginia Beach at 757-626-0074.

Filing For Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13?

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the two most common ways that individuals can seek debt relief. A Chapter 7 filing will effectively discharge all your unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills, largely wiping the slate clean. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy restructures your debt, putting you on a more affordable repayment plan. Any debt that is not paid off during the repayment period is subsequently discharged.

Whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 filing is best depends on each person's unique situation. If you have filed for Chapter 7 in the past, you may be ineligible to file again, although you may still qualify for Chapter 13 protection. A Chapter 13 filing may be the right fit if you have assets that are important to protect. Our lawyer will thoroughly review your situation and provide you with the options that are available to you.

Put An End To Creditor Harassment. Contact Us Today.

Filing for bankruptcy will put an automatic stop to the harassing phone calls and collection notices. We can help you get on the path to a brighter financial future. To learn more, call us at 757-626-0074. You may also contact us online and we will respond to your message promptly.

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